Introduction to Geology (101) - CLASS GOALS; To understand earth’s systems and the processes that operate on these systems. To be able to recognize these processes in action, and the geologic features that result from these processes. To understand the importance of earth’s systems to our lives.

Hydrogeology (436) - The class will cover topics ranging from: Occurrence, movement and utilization of groundwater resources; geological, geophysical and hydrological methods for groundwater exploration and development to well hydraulics and groundwater contamination.

Environmental Sampling and Protocols (Soil, Water and Air) - Investigate sampling protocols for environmental and scientific problem solving. We will look at the various methods of sampling in detail (water, soil gas and soil). Evaluate the methodologies for shortcomings and the potential for advances.

Groundwater Modeling - Advanced study of the mathematics of groundwater flow and the formulation of analytical and numerical models that describe steady-state and transient groundwater flow systems. This will involve the use of physical models, flownets, spreadsheets, analytical solutions, and finite-difference and finite-element models.

Well Hydraulics and Advanced Aquifer Analysis - The theory and methods of well installation, testing, and the design, construction and maintenance of well systems. Hydrogeologic and geophysical techniques in groundwater exploration; development of groundwater resources by well drilling, well design and safe yield determination. Analysis of single and multiple well aquifer tests, step-drawdown tests, and slug injection or bail tests.

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