Field Equipment/Supplies/Software


CSU, Fullerton has amassed an arsenal of field related hydrogeologic equipment.  This includes a mobile field laboratory, groundwater sampling truck and borehole logging equipment.  For a complete listing and examples of how these and other pieces of equipment are being utilized in teaching and research please refer below.

Laboratory Equipment:

Soils Lab

            Falling head and Constant head Permeameter

            Ro-Tap Sieving System

            Thin Section Making Equipment

            Microscopes (Petrographic, Scanning Electron, Binocular)

            Rock saws and crushers

            X-ray diffraction


Water Lab


                        (List of routine tests)

            PH probes




            Heating and Stirring Pads

            Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer

            Ion Chromatograph

Surveying Equipment and Mapping

            Electronic Total Station

            Laser Range Finder

            Differential GPS including mobile base station

            Handheld GPS

            Ipac mapping system (ArcPad and GPS)

            MapInfo 8.5 GIS

                Discover 4.0

            ArcView 3.2 GIS

            ArcMap 9.2 GIS

Field Based Equipment

Geophysical Instruments

            Resistivity – Supersting IP (AGI – Advanced Geosciences, Inc.)

            Well logging Instrumentation – (Mount Sopris Instruments Company)

                    MGX II Portable Logger with MGX II Console

                    Gamma Ray, SP, Single Point Resistance

            Schonstedt – Magnetic Locator

            Downhole video system

Mobil Laboratory

       On-board Computers

       Oven; Freezer and Refrigerator

       Sample preparation facilities


       PID and FID

Seepage Meters

        Hermit 3000 + two transducers (including one for vapor testing)

        Water Level indicators

        Interface probe

2 Hydrolab units

ISCO water sampler


        2 and 3” Grundfos Pumps + controller

        Whaler Pumps

        Peristaltic pump

Stainless steel and disposable bailers

Pump trailer with generator

Hand Augers

Bentonite injection system

Two storage trailers

*Pipe, screens, bentonite, sand (gravel pack), sample containers and other field supplies

Software for Groundwater Studies

Visual Groundwater

Visual Modflow



Aquifer Test



WHAM – Well Head Protection


LogPlot 2004

Rockworks 2004

HEC software

ENVI (Remote Sensing Software)

Full suite of surface water modeling software.

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